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The CSJHD offers educational and job training programs to under served groups in Umuaka community, Imo State, Nigeria; it also offers assistance to communities and individuals suffering from descent-based discrimination, such as the Osu Caste System (a form of discrimination) in Igboland. It is expected that proper education or orientation will change their beliefs and attitudes and engender a better community relationship and development. Please join hands with us to dismantle the ancient Osu Caste System for peace, freedom, and good quality of life for everyone in Igboland.

- Victor E. Dike



The Center for Social Justice and Human Development (CSJHD) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with headquarters in Sacramento California, USA. The CSJHD was founded in 2000 to fight against the obnoxious Osu caste System (a form of descent-based discrimination) in Igboland. The system is anchored on ancient Igbo religious belief and prevents freedom of association between the so-called Osu (slaves) and the Diala (freeborn) in Igboland. Additionally, the system makes it difficult for the ‘freeborn’ to deliberately marry an ‘Osu’ or knowingly engage in any form of serious relationship of love with an Osu. 

 The effect of the ancient belief system is similar to that of the former apartheid system in South Africa and the Caste system in India, and worse than the racial discrimination in the United States. As Victor E. Dike has noted elsewhere, the Osu caste system is an internal apartheid in Igboland as it hinders freedom of association and sociopolitical and economic development in the affected communities. Amartya Sen (1999) has aptly noted that “Freedoms are not only the primary ends of development, they are also among its primary means.”


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